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ALHOSN University proudly announces its acceptance in the Association of Arab Universities by Al Hosn University | 6/10/2014

 ALHOSN University proudly announces its acceptance in the Association of Arab Universities. Members of the board, staff and fraternity take pride in the achievement as the Abu Dhabi based education institution attained its rightful recognition. A total of 240 universities from 22 countries are members of the association, working to support and connect universities in the Arab world, and to enhance cooperation among them. The recent honour for ALHOSN University marks the continued efforts it has made in the education sector.

The university is distinct in many ways. Further to the royal name that it derives from Abu Dhabi’s historic Al Hosn Palace, the university stays true to its name by giving the best to the students and the community. Since its inauguration in 2005 the university has become an acclaimed hub of knowledge sharing and growth. Respected for the high-quality, value-based education that it delivers, ALHOSN University currently offers 18 undergraduate and 11 graduate programs under the Faculties of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Business, and Arts and Social Sciences.

The motto of ALHOSN University, “Global Knowledge with Local Vision”, is much more than just a slogan. It is a philosophy and a firm belief in the values of global knowledge combined with local traditions which are steeped in history. Dr. Munther Momany, Vice Chancellor and CEO of ALHOSN University said, “I think it is imperative for us as education providers to shift our focus. The most important objective of education should be to teach the students to know how to use, relate, implement, and expand their knowledge responsibly. By sustaining the student in his process of acquiring the savoir-faire, education will enable individuals to be valuable contributors to the economy as well as leading innovators differentiating as such their nations. Education should teach the students how to produce actions and reactions adapted to human society and the environment.”

“We encourage thought and learning. Student activities like art, science and book clubs engage interaction and exchange of ideas. We want to strive to create in our students a fire to achieve. These youngsters are the future of our nation. While it is necessary to earn a living and common to aspire for the good things in life, education should be beyond that. It should expand the mind and foster values and beliefs that lead to a responsible world and life views. Our students are therefore being honed with deeper layers of knowing how to serve others, to discern if it is for the greater good, or to be sensitive and responsive to the needs of the society,” he added.

ALHOSN University believes in educating professionals to be leaders for a modern community. As an institution of higher education, it prides itself on being a creative agent for change and diversity. It pledges to emphasize a faculty-student learning community that promotes the value of service and research and employs collaborative educational strategies that develop teamwork, utilizes real-life experience, fosters caring, and prepares for the realities of the marketplace of the future. ALHOSN University envisions becoming internationally recognized as a university where all of its members are committed to producing graduates with a solid foundation of career and life skills. In order to accomplish this, AHU intends to create a community of learners, where a learner is an individual who is empowered, informed, and responsible. “The different committees and student bodies that we have are proactive in the frequent workshops and field trips that we conduct. The Services and Activities Committee (SAC) of the Faculty of Business organized two field trips to NEOPHARMA recently. The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences arranged its first informatory lecture titled “Sustainable Development and Green Path” by Dr. Ali Al Amoudi, UAE Environmental Consultant and Senior Environmental Engineer at TAKREER – ADNOC. The Mechanical and industrial engineering Department invited Dr. Mabrouk O. Allagi, a nuclear energy expert and a radiation specialist to speak on the Nuclear Energy application in the UAE. These are all initiatives we take to give our students a fuller and more hands on understanding of how the industries on the ground work and what the pressing issues that need the attention of the next generation are,” said Dr. Marco Savic Provost for Quality Assurance and Development “For education to be complete, there has to be a holistic approach. Students and graduates are more than employable minds whose corporate careers are the only yardstick for being successful. They should also exhort themselves to learn and to grow towards responsible citizenship. Therein lies the big difference – the former is merely what it means to be schooled, and the latter is how it is to be educated.”

AHU has been in close association with the Australian Council for Educational Research ( ACER) on the recently conducted graduate destination survey for Abu Dhabi Educational Council (ADEC). “This was the first of its kind study done in the region and the survey response rate from ALHOSN University graduates was 74.2% which is high above the mean (50.8%). This fact puts our results in a very high reliability range. Furthermore, the overall employment rate among our fresh graduates is 77.9% which is far higher than the overall or indeed our peer institutions average (overall mean is 60.8%, and private institutions mean is 69.9%). Building on the trust of our patrons we are currently inching forward with our expansion plans in Dubai. We want to develop and grow from the strong foundation of repute that has been established,” added Dr. Savic. “An awareness has to be on what is and can be. With the support of media and the community we can spread the word about our endeavors and ideology. A better know how of our system of education and administration will give higher appreciation for the progress that we are steadily making,” he concluded.

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